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If you are looking for a top quality brilliant 1963-D mint state Franklin half dollar for your collection you need to check this one out! This is one of the finest brilliant examples you will come across in high grade FBL for this issue and the eye-appeal is absolutely breathtaking. The luster coupled with the flashy bright white surfaces will blind you with its beauty. The strike is exceptional showcasing every fine detail and the bell lines on the Liberty bell are crisp and bold. This is top quality at its finest!

Do you know how tough it is to find a fully brilliant 1963-D mint state Franklin half dollar without water spots?

It is extremely tough to locate 1963-D mint state Franklin half dollars without water spotting issues. Water spots kill the eye-appeal on this issue and kill the rarity as well.  When you come across a fully brilliant 1963-D mint state Franklin half dollar without water spots in any grade I would consider that a win and one to tuck away! Eye-appeal plays such a huge role in rarity in this series. I can't express this fact enough! 

NGC has only certified 49 examples to date in MS66FBL. Those 49 are not all as brilliant as this gem and they don't all look this spectacular! This is a special specimen for the date and grade offering bright white spot-free surfaces, knockout luster and deep undisturbed bell lines. The top-quality condition this 1963-D Franklin half dollar is in is extremely rare for this issue. This would be a great addition to one building a top-quality Franklin half dollar collection.