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This is one of the finest 1961 proof Franklins on the planet! This example is seriously so close to Ultra status, it's truly unbelievable. NGC has only graded 14 examples in PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO to date and this jewel comes so close to being the 15th one! Finding a 1961 proof Franklin in this condition is extremely rare! The obverse is caked with intense snow-white Ultra Cameo contrast. Franklin is popping off the surfaces! The reverse offers more caked snow-white frosted cameo devices falling a tad short of Ultra status. So close! Very deserving of the Star designation. NGC has only graded 13 examples to date in PF 69 STAR CAMEO. 1961 proof Franklins are extremely rare in high grade. Milk spots were a major issue this year! This is one of the finest 1961 proof Franklins to hit the market. Unbelievable!