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This is an absolutely stunning 1958-D Franklin half dollar! Only 57 examples have been certified to date in MS66+FBL. For NGC to grant their PLUS designation they are looking for not only technical grade but eye-appeal as well. Franklin half dollars on the cusp of MS67 status are extremely rare to come by. There are no examples graded in MS68FBL or higher for this issue.

The obverse features a soft blue and gold base with a crescent of bright rainbow hues around the rim. Electric orange, hot pink, turquoise, green and canary-yellow hues layer the obverse crescent. The color is so bright and vibrant it truly is quite the sight to see! The surfaces are incredibly clean and Franklin's cheek is smooth as silk. 

The reverse offers an intense bright tangerine base with more bright rainbow hues dancing around the rim. Electric green, hot-pink, purple and canary-yellow frame the rim beautifully. The way the luster makes the color bounce off the surfaces is quite stunning. The surfaces are clean and the bell lines are boldly defined. 

This example here screams rarity! Not only does this beauty offer extremely clean surfaces but it also offers incredible color and eye-appeal. Eye-appeal plays a huge factor when it comes to rarity in the Franklin half dollar series. Two-sided bright rainbow Franklin half dollars are extremely rare in any grade.