1948-P Franklin half dollar PCGS MS66+FBL CAC

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Did you know that PCGS only offers their PLUS designation to coins that offer exceptional eye-appeal? This is true folks! Eye-appeal plays a huge factor in this designation and should be noted. Before the PLUS designation came around you had to have a really good eye for quality to know if you had a premium example in your hand. The more coins you handle in hand will help you gain this knowledge.

The amount of high quality Franklin half dollars I have been able to handle over the last 21 years would shock you. I learned over time why condition rarity is so important in this series. Good luck finding an MS70 Franklin. They do not exist! Eye-appeal plays a huge role in rarity per date and grade. It's good to study as many coins of the same date in different grades as much as possible. Go to as many coin shows that you can and study online! 

When I saw this example at first glance I was shocked at how bright white the surfaces are. A good majority of the 1948-P mint state Franklin halves are pretty dull in appearance and lack luster. Not this jewel here! This is an immaculate luster machine! The bell lines are extremely bold and undisturbed. The surfaces are questionably MS67 quality! The surfaces are so clean I actually can't look away from the beauty this gem breathes. 

PCGS has only certified 113 examples to date in MS66FBL. There are 42 examples certified in MS67FBL and 4 higher in MS67+FBL. Do you see just by the populations alone of how tough it is to find a 1948-P mint state Franklin in high grade condition with full bell lines? The 1948-P mint state Franklin half dollar is extremely tough to locate in high grade with good eye-appeal. Collector's are tucking these high quality jewels away from the long haul. Might be quite some time before we see another of this quality!