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1948-D mint state Franklins are extremely rare in high grade. Bag marks are a big issue and keeps these examples out of 66 realm. NGC has only certified 24 examples in MS66 and only 76 in MS66FBL. Locating examples in spot-free condition with bright luster are tough to come by and attractive color toned examples are extremely tough to come by as well. Locating a high grade MS66FBL with attractive color is extremely rare!

If you enjoy the fall colors you are going to enjoy this beautiful fall color toned 1948-D Franklin. Sporting extremely unique color for this early Denver mint issue, it is quite breathtaking for the date and grade. The obverse is graced with bright antique gold, violet, emerald green, canary yellow and hot red hues. Franklin's cheek is smooth as a button which is extremely tough to come by as 1948-D mint state Franklins are usually very baggy issues. The phenomenal luster this jewel sports makes the color pop off the surfaces.

Flip this beauty over and the reverse is equally as stunning. The most unique bright antique gold coupled with lovely hints of hot red and emerald green frame the reverse. The bell lines on the Liberty bell are crisp and bold. The surfaces are extremely clean! This would be a great addition to one building a full bell line mint state Franklin Registry. CAC certified this example!