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Welcome to The Ultimate Coin Hunter! My name is Jackie French and I am the founder of The Ultimate Coin Hunter. My mission is to provide valuable coin knowledge, a quality product and an honest, enjoyable experience. I specialize in 1950-1964 Silver Proof Coinage and I'm always on the hunt for high quality rare U.S. Coins. 

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       My Story

      Senior Numismatist, Jacqueline French has been in the coin business since 2000. Working with a well known professional numismatist, Jackie has helped build Top Registry Sets for clients on both NGC and PCGS Set Registries. Known for her exceptional eye for high quality coins and her professional coin expertise, she has been guiding and helping coin collectors acquire high quality coins for well over a decade. 

      If you are on the hunt for high quality rare U.S. coins contact me, I want to hear from you!