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The 1959-P is the sixth rarest Philadelphia mint Franklin in the series certified in MS 66 by NGC. Extremely rare in high grade condition the 1959-P only has 62 examples certified in MS 66 by NGC. Locating a 1959-P mint state Franklin with attractive color can be a very frustrating task. Bag marks keep a lot of 1959-P mint state Franklins out of high grade territory. 

This is a breathtaking 1959-P with extremely attractive two-sided color. This was a tricky example to photograph as there is a ton more color than pictured. I will be working on perfecting an accurate shot of how incredible the color is on this gem. Lavender, sky blue and sunburst-orange brighten up the obverse and reverse surfaces. The luster is sensational making the color pop and the surfaces are extremely clean. A CAC label is an added bonus of rarity!