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Finding a 1959-D mint state Franklin half dollar with color this incredible alone can be an extremely frustrating task, but coupled with the extremely clean surfaces this jewel offers makes this beauty double in rarity. A true full bell line Franklin will have no bag marks breaking through both top and bottom set of bell lines. 1959-D mint state Franklin half dollars are extremely baggy issues keeping a good majority out of high grade territory in FBL. NGC has only graded 8 examples to date in MS67FBL. Finding examples with bright rainbow color are extremely tough to come by. 

This example offers breathtaking neon colors rarely seen on this issue. Hot-pink, sunburst-orange, ocean blue, violet, electric green and canary-yellow dance around BOTH obverse AND reverse! Franklin's cheek and the Liberty bell are smooth as a button deserving of the high grade designation. Bold, crisp full bell lines grace the Liberty bell. The eye-appeal is absolutely amazing and this jewel here is truly one of the most breathtaking 1959-D mint state Franklin half dollars I have handled.