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This is one of the finest fully brilliant 1957-D Franklin half dollars you will ever see certified by NGC in MS66FBL. A good majority of the 1957-D Franklin half dollars certified in MS66FBL are toned and not fully brilliant like this jewel here. Jump on ebay right now and you will not see any 1957-D Franklins offered for sale in MS66FBL with fully brilliant surfaces. When building a set of Franklin halves I highly recommend building one that offers condition rarity.

This example here for sale offers the smoothest surfaces I have seen for this date! 1957-D mint state Franklin half dollars are extremely baggy issues and finding one in high grade is rare. When you find an example in high grade and designated with full bell lines you have a true rarity in your hands. If there are any bag marks going through the bell lines the coin should not be designated FBL. That is why this issue is so tough to find in high grade with full bell lines due to the bag marks that plague this issue. 

If you want to own a true rarity for this issue this would be an outstanding addition to your collection. A fully brilliant gem with bold bell lines, exceptional luster and knockout eye-appeal. It has been quite some time since I've seen a 1957-D Franklin half dollar with surfaces this clean. The luster is intense and the eye-appeal is truly stunning. A true condition rarity!