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The 1951 proof Franklin half dollar offers the second lowest mintage in the entire Franklin half dollar series. Only 57,500 examples were struck this year. The only other issue in the Franklin proof series that offers a lower mintage is the 1950 at 51,386 total minted. The date with the highest mintage in the series is the 1962 at 3,218,019 examples struck. Quite a spread! 
All five proof denominations in the 1951 proof sets are individually wrapped in cellophane and then stapled together, wrapped in tissue and stored in a square cardboard box. This was the storage method used by the mint from 1950-1954. The storage method used these years left the sets in not the best of conditions. Finding these proof sets in these years in high grade condition is extremely rare. 
A good majority of the 1951 proof Franklins are shallow mirrored. Finding examples with extremely deep fields jumps the rarity up quite a bit. When you find a 1951 proof Franklin in any grade with extremely deep fields it will make that example a rarity for the grade just for the depth of the fields. The deeper the fields the higher the premium should be. 
This 1951 proof Franklin certified by NGC in PF66 is extremely rare for the date and grade! This specimen offers extremely deep jet-black mirrored fields rarely seen for this issue. The pitch-black fields are absolutely breathtaking! Out of the 960 examples certified to date in PF66 by NGC this one here is sure to stand out from the rest. Incredible!