What is holding this 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin half dollar back from ULTRA status?

If you are looking for a high quality 1956 Type 2 Franklin half dollar that borders right on the cusp of ULTRA CAMEO status in high grade check out this beauty right here. The cameo frost is INTENSE! Franklin and the Liberty bell are POPPING off beautiful jet-black fields. Around the reverse starting at 9:00 to 5:00 beautiful tangerine hues grace the rim adding to the eye-appeal this beauty already offers. This is a killer example! 

What is holding this example back from ULTRA status? If the fields were just a tad bit deeper this one would be designated ULTRA as the frost is ALL THERE! NGC has certified 954 examples to date in PF68CAMEO but there are ONLY 187 certified in PF68*CAMEO. Not all 187 of those have earned a CAC certification like this jewel right here. NGC has only certified 251 examples to date in PF68 ULTRA CAMEO. 

Remember for NGC to grant a STAR designation the coin has to stand out of the crowd so to speak. What I have come across over the years is that the 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin's that are certified in PF68*CAM either offer ULTRA CAMEO contrast, they border on ULTRA CAMEO or they offer really cool color. There are very few out there that receive a STAR for color, it's usually for heavy cameo contrast a good majority of the time I have found over decades of handling these examples.

What makes this example here stand out of the crowd is the intense cameo contrast! This jewel is right on the cusp of ULTRA status and delivers MEGA eye-appeal and quality. This is not an average 1956 Type 2 Franklin half dollar in 68 CAMEO. This is a STAR!!!!! STAR quality at it's finest peeps. This is one to tuck away!

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Happy Hunting!