1950 Franklin NGC PF 66 CAMEO CAC

How Long Have You Been on the Hunt for an Attractive 1950 Proof Franklin with Jet-black Fields and Solid Cameo Devices?

1950 proof Franklins with fully frosted cameo devices against spot-free, haze-free jet-black fields are not common coins you run across often. 1950 proof Franklins are extremely rare to find in high quality condition. Hardly ever encountered actually! The 1950 proof Franklin has always been the toughest issue in the series to find in high grade cameo. Condition rarity is your recipe for one phenomenal proof Franklin collection with future potential.  

What are common issues encountered on a 1950 proof Franklin?

1950 proof Franklins are known to have extremely shallowed mirrored surfaces. Extremely shallow mirrors are one of the main culprits keeping cameos for this issue in extremely rare territory. Finding heavy two-sided cameo devices are really tough to come by. Hairlines were a major issue this first year of issue as well due to the packaging used in this new era of proof making. Finding 1950 proof Franklins in high grade cameo are few and far between. 

On your hunt for an Ultimate 1950 proof Franklin in Cameo look for these key ingredients...

When you are on the hunt for a 1950 proof Franklin in any grade of cameo look for depth in those deep jet-black fields. The deeper the fields the better! Cameo devices need to be solid and matching if possible. The stronger the contrast the higher the premium! Eye-appeal is always a huge factor when you are on the hunt for an ULTIMATE 1950 proof Franklin in cameo. Most importantly hunt for spot-free, haze-free examples!

Just in! 1950 proof Franklin certified by NGC in PF 66 CAMEO. Ranking Second Rarest Franklin in the Series in PF 66 CAMEO by NGC!

I have a phenomenal and rare 1950 proof Franklin in PF 66 CAMEO certified by NGC with a CAC sticker. The quality of this coin is absolutely phenomenal! Quality on a 1950 proof Franklin rarely encountered in fact. NGC has only graded 74 examples to date in PF 66 CAMEO and those other 73 examples are going to have strong competition outdoing the quality of this stunning jewel. The 1950 proof Franklin Is the second rarest date in the series in PF 66 CAMEO right behind the 1956 Type 1 Franklin. Both obverse and reverse offer solid matching cameo devices contrasted against fields that are spot-free and haze-free. Just how you want them! From 2:00 to 4:00 on the reverse rim hints of teal and golden-orange dance around in an attractive view. This 1950 proof Franklin is Ultimate in every respect! Extremely rare in this condition. 

Would You Like to Own the Top 20 Finest Known Franklin Proof Set?

I am beyond excited to be able to offer the first edition of one of the most phenomenal proof Franklin sets in existence. If you have been looking for a full set of high quality rare proof Franklins, with eye-appeal that is beyond incredible and rare, this set right here would get you started on the right path. A collector that had been hunting for top quality, top eye-appeal and top rarity put together one of the most phenomenal proof Franklin sets to date. If you are a fan of CAC certification you will be thrilled to know that twelve out of the fifteen examples in this set are indeed CAC certified. 

If you are interested in more information on the full collection please contact me!