Proof Eisenhower dollars are extremely rare with color this phenomenal in ANY grade!

When I came across this 1971-S Silver Eisenhower dollar certified by PCGS in PR68DCAM it was love at first sight! When I am browsing around a coin show I am looking for something special. I am searching for a specimen to stand out from the rest that SCREAMS rarity! Why?! The reason I am looking for these type of coinage is because what I have found over the last 21 years in the coin community is that this is THE recipe for growth. 

I have handled thousands of 1971-S Silver Eisenhower dollars certified in high quality condition. Coming across an example that offers bright electric neon color like THIS example here is an extremely rare find. This example stands out from the rest of the PR68DCAM examples certified by PCGS and THIS is what makes this coin right here so EXTREMELY RARE! Bright electric neon color toned proof cameo Eisenhower dollars can by no means be valued by Price Guide value. These are extremely rare specimens to come by and rightfully deserve a premium. 

The way the color enhances the cameo devices on both obverse and reverse is a sweet treat! An even golden honey graces the cameo devices joined with hints of tangerine and ocean blue hues. Moving out into the fields more bright ocean blue, bright neon peach and purple ignite intense shades bouncing off the mirrors. Every inch of the surfaces are covered in color and the eye-appeal is absolutely breathtaking. 

If you want a chance to own one of the most breathtaking color toned 1971-S Silver Eisenhower dollars certified in PR68DCAM by PCGS click HERE is your chance!

As always happy hunting!