One of the top five RAREST Denver mint Franklin halves to find in MS65FBL...

Finding a 1949-D mint state Franklin half dollar that offers bright white surfaces and attractive eye-appeal can be an extremely frustrating task. A good majority of the 1949-D mint state Franklin half dollars offer unattractive eye-appeal and unattractive toning. When looking for rarity for this issue look for bright white spot-free examples with mega luster or attractive color toned gems. Over the last 20 years I have found that if you stick with this recipe above for this date there is only appreciation in the future. 

This is a tough date to locate in high grade with full bell lines. Bag marks are always the culprit keeping this date out of high grade territory. NGC has only certified 259 examples to date in MS65FBL. The 1949-D mint state Franklin half dollar ranks in the top five rarest Denver mint Franklins to find in MS65FBL condition certified by NGC.

I am always on the hunt for U.S. coinage that offers eye-appeal and quality you rarely see for the dates and grade. If you are looking for a knockout 1949-D mint state Franklin in MS65FBL please click HERE to see availability.

Happy hunting!

Jackie O. French