One of the finest 1948-P mint state Franklin half dollars I've walked through my door!

I am so excited to be able to offer one of the finest 1948-P mint state Franklin half dollars certified to date by NGC in phenomenal MS67*FBL. NGC has only certified two examples in this grade to date with only one example certified higher in MS68*FBL. NGC has yet to grade a flawless MS70FBL example to date or even an MS69FBL example. Coming across an MS67FBL in this series is extremely rare!   

There are four dates in the Franklin series struck at the Philadelphia mint that have yet to grade MS67FBL which are the 1953-P, 1961-P, 1962-P and 1963-P. These four dates are the toughest dates struck at the Philadelphia mint you will encounter in high grade FBL. The next three toughest dates would be the 1949-P, 1954-P and 1960-P with each issue offering only one example certified to date in MS67FBL. 

There is only one other date in the Franklin half dollar series struck at the Philadelphia mint that is certified by NGC in MS67*FBL which is the 1956-P and NGC has only certified one example to date! NGC is extremely tough when it comes to granting a STAR designation. Every grader who views the coin has to agree that it does indeed offer exceptional eye-appeal. If one grader does not like the eye-appeal the example will not be granted with a STAR designation. 

This example here earned every inch of that STAR! The luster is out of control!!! The way this beauty shimmers in your hands is an absolutely breathtaking sight alone, but coupled with the mesmerizing iridescent shades this beauty literally takes your breath away. Lavender, golden honey, baby pink and peach hues dance around the obverse and reverse. The surfaces are exceptionally clean as the grade suggests and the bell lines are crisp and bold. 

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Happy Hunting!

Jackie O. French