Love at first sight.....

This is hands down one of the most attractive color toned 1948-P Franklin half dollars I have ever handled in the last 20 years of handling top quality mint state Franklin half dollars. Honestly this is a coin I wouldn't mind tucking away in my own collection because I know this is going to be a tough one to beat in eye-appeal in this grade. You do not come across 1948-P mint state Franklins with color this bright and vibrant. I am talking neon shades here which is extremely rare to find on a 1948-P mint state Franklin half dollar. Extremely rare!!!

On the obverse starting at 3:00 and swirling into a half moon delicately around Franklins frame to 6:00 the most vibrant turquoise takes center stage. The story doesn't end here folks it only gets better! After that vibrant turquoise layers of canary-yellow, sunburst-orange, hot-pink and a touch of electric green entrance your eyes. Franklin's cheek is smooth as a button and the strike is absolutely incredible. 

The central portion of the reverse is essentially brilliant with some light hints of gold and dancing around the rim the same shades on the obverse delight your eyes. The luster is sensational making the color pop off the surfaces. The bell lines are crisp and bold! Now this is what an MS66FBL should look like! This beauty right here earned every inch of that star designation. It truly is an unbelievable example for the date and grade! 

1948-P mint state Franklin half dollars are extremely rare to find in fully brilliant spot-free and rainbow toned condition. This is actually a really tough date to find with attractive eye-appeal. This is also a really tough date to locate in high quality condition. NGC has certified 161 examples in MS66FBL but there are only 5 certified to date in MS66*FBL. Only five peeps!!! This top quality 1948-P mint state Franklin half dollar is the perfect recipe for rarity.