Locating a 1950-D mint state Franklin with luster THIS incredible is a rare find!

Tracking down a 1950-D mint state Franklin half dollar with mega luster is an extremely frustrating task. Over the last two decades of handling thousands of certified 1950-D mint state Franklins the most common issues for this date I have found are bag marks, dull eye-appeal, water spotting and lack of luster. Quite a few issues and when you come across a gem without these problem areas you have found the ULTIMATE 1950-D mint state Franklin half dollar.

NGC has only certified two examples to date in STAR. Only two!!!! Why? The 1950-D mint state Franklin half dollar is an extremely tough issue to find with attractive eye-appeal. Water spots plague this issue! Attractive color toned examples are hard to come by. When these rare finds do pop up on the market they are quickly purchased and tucked away for years. 

This example here is an absolutely breathtaking example for the date and grade. In my opinion I would have granted this jewel with a star designation. The eye-appeal is incredible! Both obverse and reverse feature beautiful light iridescent shades of powder blue, peach, violet and tangerine. The luster on this jewel is absolutely phenomenal making the color pop off the surfaces. Franklin's cheek is smooth as silk and the Liberty bell lines are crisp and bold. An added bonus is the CAC certification.

If you are looking for Franklins that offer rarity for their date and grade send me your wish list HERE

Happy Hunting!