If you want to see a high quality 1958-D Franklin half dollar here you go!

This 1958-D Franklin half dollar certified by NGC in MS67*FBL is one of the finest 1958-D Franklin half dollars on the planet! To find an example with color this incredible, surfaces this clean and quality and eye-appeal this superb is extremely rare to come by. NGC has only certified seven examples to date in MS67*FBL. There has yet to be a 1958-D Franklin half dollar to certify MS68 to date. Bag marks are usually the main culprit keeping this issue from obtaining a high grade in the numismatic numerical grading system.

The obverse of this jewel is adorned with  essentially every color of the rainbow. The reverse will blind you with electric bright hues taking the already epic color up so deliciously you may be salivating after holding this this gem in hand. The luster is incredible making the color pop off the fields and the surfaces are incredibly clean bordering on MS68 quality! This beauty deserved every inch of that star designation. The eye-appeal is absolutely breathtaking and this truly is one of the most breathtaking 1958-D Franklin half dollars one will come across. 

1958-D mint state Franklins may be the easiest issue to find with attractive color but they are extremely tough to find with two-sided attractive color. If you are looking to find rarity in this series seek out the two-sided rainbow hued beauty that screams eye-appeal. Remember you don't have to have the finest top quality example to have a rare Franklin in your hand. If you find killer color toned examples in any grade tuck them away! 

Happy hunting!