Extremely rare finding a 1949-D mint state Franklin half dollar in this condition!

1949-D mint state Franklins are extremely tough to find with attractive color. When on the hunt for rarity you can't go wrong picking up an attractive color toned example. The tough part is locating one down! Attractive color toned examples are so tough to find and getting tougher and tougher as time goes by.

Not only are 1949-D mint state Franklin half dollars extremely tough to find with attractive color toning but they are also incredibly tough to find in high grade condition. Only 106 examples have been certified by PCGS to date in MS66FBL. PCGS has yet to certify a 1949-D Franklin in MS67FBL. Bag marks are usually the main culprit keeping this issue out of MS67 territory. 

When I came across this stunning 1949-D right here at the last Long Beach show I was blown away by the luster. The luster is out of control for a 1949-D mint state Franklin! Then after getting this beauty under the correct lighting the rarity jumped through the roof! It is a pleasant surprise to come across a gem that looks brilliant under one lighting and then to get it under proper numismatist lighting this beauty right here came to life!

The obverse and reverse offer absolutely beautiful iridescent hues of lavender, peach and sky-blue. The luster makes the color pop off the surfaces that are smooth as silk.  Franklin's cheek and the Liberty bell are extremely clean and the bell lines are bold and crisp. Finding a 1949-D mint state Franklin in this top quality is no easy task. If you are putting together a top quality mint state Franklin collection this gem would fit right in.

Only 20 examples have been approved by CAC to date!