Do you know how tough it is to find a 1955-P Franklin in THIS condition?!

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this breathtaking 1955-P mint state Franklin half dollar in top quality condition. Not only is the 1955-P Franklin the lowest mintage in the series but it is also extremely rare to find in blast-white condition in high grade with full bell lines. This is the ULTIMATE 1955-P Franklin! The luster is magnificent, the surfaces are extremely clean and the eye appeal is out of this world! I am telling you this is one tough example to come by and when it gets tucked away it might be years before you come across another. 

A good majority of the 1955-P mint state Franklins offer drab eye-appeal and unattractive toned surfaces, especially in MS66FBL. Looking for a rare example for this issue look for extremely attractive color toned specimens or bright white blazers with mega luster like this jewel right here. Eye-appeal plays a huge role in a Franklin half dollars rarity. The specimens that offer the best eye-appeal are the ones that continue to climb in price over the years I have seen first hand. 

NGC has only certified 118 examples in MS66FBL. An extremely low percentage of those 118 examples are fully brilliant like this gem right here. Very few Franklin half dollars certified by NGC in MS67FBL are fully brilliant. I've been lucky to handle a handful over the last 21 years. Good majority of the MS67FBL examples are color toned specimens. This is extremely important to note when seeking out examples in the Franklin half dollar series. 

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As always Happy Hunting!