Another New Pick Up from the Beach!

Finding a 1948-P mint state Franklin with luster this phenomenal, periphery this clean and surfaces this bright white are truly rare to come by. A good majority of the 1948-P mint state Franklins offer dull eye-appeal, water spots and lack luster. This is a tough date to locate with extremely attractive color or fully brilliant surfaces. To find one in high grade can be an extremely frustrating task. 

This Franklin half dollar right here is not your average 1948-P. This is an incredibly rare find in the condition being offered. PCGS has only certified 83 examples to date in MS66+FBL and a good majority of those examples are toned and not fully brilliant like this jewel right here. PCGS has certified only 26 examples higher in 67 condition. All mint state Franklins are rare in MS66+FBL and higher.

The obverse and reverse offer fully brilliant bright white surfaces. Franklin's cheek and the Liberty bell are smooth as satin. The bell lines are crisp and bold. The luster is absolutely phenomenal. This is a spot-free gem with absolutely incredible eye-appeal. A 1948-P mint state Franklin sure to stand out from the rest. If you are looking for a top quality 1948-P this example right here fits that description. Absolutely phenomenal!  

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