1951 Franklin NGC PF 66

How many 1951 proof Franklins have you handled that offered shallow mirrors? 

I have come across more shallow mirrored 1951 proof Franklins than I can count. It is such a disappointment! Shallow mirrors and plenty of hairlines equals a disaster in quality for this issue. 1951 proof Franklins are tough to come across with deep jet-black fields. Hairlines keep a good majority of the 1951 proof Franklins out of high grade territory.

When Hunting for an Ultimate 1951 proof Franklin Look for the Following Key Ingredients..

Hunt for 1951 proof Franklins that offer spot-free, haze-free jet-black fields. Deeper the fields, higher the premium! If you can locate examples with a touch of cameo contrast you scored. Attractive color toned examples are extremely rare and will bring high premiums. Avoid examples that offer unattractive splotchy black toning associated with this issue. Eye-appeal is always a key factor when you are hunting for an Ultimate 1951 proof Franklin. 

Just in! A 1951 Proof Franklin Certified by NGC in PF 66

I have a phenomenal 1951 proof Franklin certified by NGC in PF 66 with incredible jet-black spot-free, haze-free mirrored surfaces. It is extremely rare to find a 1951 proof Franklin with fields this deep and pristine. John Albanese thought this was a solid piece sporting his CAC certification of approval on the obverse. This 1951 proof Franklin offers an added bonus of stunning moderate frosted cameo devices on the reverse. This is an Ultimate 1951 proof Franklin in solid PF 66 condition.

This 1951 Proof Franklin is Part of the Top 20 Ranked Proof Franklin Collection!

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