1950-P Franklin half dollars are extremely rare in this condition!

The five toughest dates in the Franklin half dollar series struck at the Philadelphia mint certified by NGC in MS66FBL are in order: 1963-P, 1961-P, 1962-P, 1960-P and 1953-P.  All five of these dates have 8 or fewer examples certified to date in MS66FBL by NGC. If you locate one of the above five examples in fully brilliant condition you are looking at a 20k+ price tag hands down. These jewels rarely surface as collectors tuck them away for the long term. Don't expect an unattractive example in the same grade to bring the same premium. Eye-appeal plays a huge factor in condition rarity!

Now just because the 1950-P Franklin half dollar has a population of 69 examples in MS66FBL does not mean that all 69 of those examples are bright white with blinding luster like this jewel above. Locating a 1950-P mint state Franklin half dollar in MS66FBL certified by NGC is extremely tough, but coupled with blast-white fully brilliant lustrous spot-free surfaces you have the recipe for an extremely rare specimen of the Franklin half dollar series. NGC has only certified 69 examples to date in MS66FBL condition and I would say a very low percent of those offer bright white brilliant surfaces like this jewel right here.

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Happy hunting!

Jackie O. French